A short movie about a relationship of a talented pianist Christoph and an experienced porn star Philip opens a complex topic of prejudice in society, as well as within the LGBTI community.


Best Actor

Only human

Located on the border between Pakistan and China, K2 is the second-highest mountain on Earth. For many climbers, it is an even greater prize than Everest, with limited routes, a steeper ascent, and a harder push to its summit. Nicknamed the 'Savage Mountain,' K2's peak is so much higher than the rest of the surrounding range that it juts unprotected into the atmosphere, regularly exposing climbers to life-threatening weather conditions. In 2008, a tragic disaster on K2 claimed the lives of 11 mountaineers.


Best Feature Documentary 

K2 and the Invisible Footmen

Sara and Mahsa are a homosexual couple. Mahsa discovers how Sara has been Sexually abused by her strict father. She suggests the murder of Sara’s father. Something that starts off as a joke but after a while becomes serious.


Best Short Film 

Best Actress

Slight Pain

Simin" is a film about the cause of the drying up of the Zayandehrood (a river placed in esfehan city in Iran) and its effects on the people life, especially farmers. The story is told in a metaphorical space and the mother character it is a symbol of water and river.
The story of the film is based on the reality of the geographical conditions of this region.


Best Feature Film 
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10476 depicts the story of the Lebanese citizen Rachid Al-Lidawi who got lost in the civil war. The story is narrated by his mother who faced several challenges searching for him on one hand, and by citizens that were fighting for the conflicting parties on the other hand. Almost 17,000 people are still missing. Their families spent years searching for them yet to no avail as those responsible for the Civil War denied its bitter consequences.


Best Short Documentary